Easter Victory

Alleluia sung by Tatiana opens this program entitled Easter Victory.
Fr. Mike asks the question: What is it about Easter? Something we don’t like  – death – takes prominence in the last few days of Holy Week.  Consciously or unconsciously we push away the reality of death. We don’t want to face it. Fr. Mike looks at the life of Jesus and how he dealt with death. He was threatened six times and then finally accepts death. Because of this, we have assurance of victory over death. That is the joy of Easter.
Fr. Mike explains that Easter is not just a memory or a hope but rather living life now to its fullness. If we really want it to, this can happen in our lives. He gives practical steps on how to appreciate Easter.
Toward the end of the program, Ralph and Victoria Mohutsky give a beautiful rendition of And The Sun Rises.