Discovering Jesus – Abiding Mercy

In this program in the series Discovering Jesus, Fr. Mike speaks of the importance of belonging – to a family, a community, something that you are really a part of. He talks of injustice that we, or others, can sometimes experience. Our lives are empty, seem futile. He tells the story of a young man who was imprisoned for almost twenty years for a crime he didn’t commit!  He speaks of someone being an orphan, having no family or community and yet yearning to belong. Sometimes we experience jealousy or doubt. We begin to doubt others, doubt ourselves and even to doubt God. In these times, we need to turn to God for mercy, begging God to help us. God will not let us down But then, more is required. We are called to be instruments of God’s mercy to others. Sometimes we need to act to bring mercy into our world. We can do that with the help of God.