Discover Jesus – The Way

Can you believe that God loves you? The more you study the Gospel of Matthew, the more you will become overwhelmed with a sense of God’s love for you.
In this program, Fr. Mike continues with the study of Matthew’s gospel, concentrating on Chapter 5, the Sermon on the Mount.
Jesus sets down eight new laws with the promise of a life filled with peace, joy, and fullness of life.
He talks about the Beatitudes (“blessed”) that can also mean “happy”.
He goes through each of the Beatitudes showing how living these can make us truly happy.
1. Be poor in spirit.
2. Be willing to mourn.
3. Be meek.
4. Have a hunger and thirst for righteousness.
5. Be merciful.
6. Be pure of heart.
7. Be a peace maker.
8. Stand up for the right even when persecuted.
Fr. Mike explains each of these in a little more detail, showing how they can make us happy if we live out what they are asking.
He ends with the statement of Jesus saying: “You are the salt of the earth, the light on the mountain.”