Despite Abuse

Suppose you are a small child and you become friends with a priest. Then it turns out that the priest sexually abuses you. What do you do with this?
In this program, Fr. Mike interviews Hugh Patty who was abused by a priest — as well as by many others — years and years ago. Hugh tells the story of his
life and how he has dealt with all that happened to him. He was born into a very poor family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern North Carolina. His father was mentally illl and an alcoholic and his mother had many problems as well. He and his siblings were on the streets and were rescued and treated so well by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. So he ended up in Catholic school and became
an altar boy. Then he met the priest who befriended him and became his surrogate father. The priest was a gourmet cook and so meals were spectacular for this young boy..He received the attention and care he so needed. But then the abuse happened and continued from ages 9 until 13. At that time, the priest became tired of him and desired younger boys.During this time, Hugh went through feelings of guilt and the sense that he was the cause of all this. In fact Father told him that he was! In the years that followed, Hugh went through
all the stages of guilt, anger, revenge and depression. At one point, he decided to get back at the priest. That was a turning point in his life. Hugh is still a practicing Catholic. Find out how Hugh has coped all these years and what his life is now.