Close to You

A beautiful woman comes, approaches Jesus, lets her hair down, and washes his feet with her tears. Imagine what the others at the table were thinking! In this program, Fr. Mike continues with the stories of people of faith in the Gospel of John. This time it is the story of Mary. He compares this story in all four gospels, noting the differences. This is an intimate story. The woman touches Jesus. She uses very valuable oil. Judas says that it should have been sold and given to the poor. But that is not what this woman wants to do with it.Fr. Mike goes on to discuss the closeness – the intimacy – of God with us, God wants to be part of our lives. There is a deep reality here, real tenderness. Jesus knows that the woman is preparing him for his death. What does this say to us? Fr. Mike gives several suggestions about the reality of death in our own lives and how we can prepare.