Christmas Views

God is born into our lives with hope and peace. Fr. Mike talks about the gifts that delight our hearts at this wonderful time of the year. Being with family and friends and sharing a meal with those we love and who love us is probably among the top of the list. But don’t forget that God is giving himself to us. God becomes one with us and one OF us. One of Fr. Mike’s passions is to convince us of the greatest reality. That is, in the depth of our hearts to accept that God loves us. He quotes from Isaiah 62:11-12 that we are not forsaken. Sometimes, as Fr. Mike says, we are not happy at this joyful time of year. Sometimes our hearts are heavy and God’s love seems an empty call. Fr. Mike asks us to do something, then, that he has not quite done before. Be sure to watch Christmas Views to find out what he suggests. Tatiana, a beautiful vocal artist, sings two songs in this program: Boxes of Christmas Stuff and Infant Redeemer. Be sure to hear these beautiful Christmas songs. At the end of the show, Fr. Mike asks for your opinion on this question:

To be safely sensitive to non-Christians, should we say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” to everyone? Record your response on our website.