Christmas Gathering of the Volunteers

The many volunteers and contributors to the Apps gathered on January 10, 2018 at Wordnet Productions studio to celebrate Christmas. There were a total of about 30 people. Some were unable to come due to other commitments.
Everyone gathered in the studio and the program began with a short prayer service prepared and led by St. Jeanne Harris, O.P. Soney Sebastian welcomed everyone to the celebration. He also acknowledged all for their contribution and sacrifice. He thanked the volunteers for their time and dedication to Wordnet. He acknowledged the contributors of the Apps iGod Today and Dios Habla. These are people who are contributing freely with the daily reflections. They do the research, reflection and writing. Many of them do it as it is an opportunity for them to meditate and pray.
Sr. Pat Phillips, SHCJ the Executive Director of Wordnet also thanked everyone for their dedication and contribution to the ministry of Wordnet. Everyone received a mug with the logo of Wordnet and their name on it with a lot of goodies.
It was a time to see each other and bond together with everyone who are doing similar work and sacrifice. Sr. Pat and Soney also spoke about the capital campaign and requested everyone to take copies so that they could hand it over to someone else.