Catholic Insights 6 – Apocryphal Books

In this sixth segment of the Catholic Insights Series, Fr. Mike and Dr. Ruth discuss the 14 or 15 books that are in the Catholic Bible but not in the Protestant one.
Fr. Mike talks about the value of these books, highlighting Tobit,  Daniel, Machabees and Wisdom. He tells a bit about their history and explains how these stories help us in our own daily lives.
Dr. Ruth agrees that she can see the value to them. But as she explains, the Protestants say that these are not inspired books. Jesus did not quote from them and we really don’t need them. For the Jews, going back to 90 AD, they did not accept them because they were not written in Hebrew.
Then they discuss the fact that for many years Catholics did not read the Bible. Fr. Mike then traces the modern history, especially since Vatican II, and the changes that have taken place in the Catholic Church regarding the Bible.