Cared Straight

Did you know that there are 1100 gangs in LA County with 86,000 gang
members? Is anyone doing anything to help correct this problem? Does anybody care? This interview of Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ, by Fr. Mike will give you much hope. Fr. Greg has been working with gang members for over 24 years! He founded Homeboy & Homegirl Industries which helps the young people learn how to run a business, cook, wait on people. It gives them hope. Fr. Greg says that the most important thing is giving them a community where they are respected. In the nation, recidivism is 70%. That number of people are repeat offenders. Only 30% start a new life. But with Fr. Greg’s ministry, it is just the opposite. 70% begin again! It is very inspiring to hear this story of one man who has changed the lives of so many previously hopeless young people.