Care for Creation with Betsy Reifsnider

We know that God created the whole universe. We also know that all creation has been given into our hands to care for it.

Fr. Mike interviews Betsy Reifsnider about her work with the Catholic Climate Coalition. Betsy tells a story about class she was visiting. She mentioned to the children that some birds might become “extinct”  when Mono Lake dries up. Los Angeles is draining the water from the lake.  So the teacher asked the class if they knew the meaning of “extinct”. A little 5 year old boy said, “It’s when a type of animal dies and something in us dies, too.” This child really understands care of creation.

They go on to talk about the effects of climate change, especially how those who cause the least suffer the most. Betsy mentions that the three mantras of the Holy Father are : the Poor, Peace and Creation.
They also talk about Jesus relationship with creation and the many references there are in the gospels.

Then Fr. Mike asks Betsy be give some practical advice on how we, as Christians, can become involved. She has many suggestions, some easy and some a bit more challenging.