Amazing Peace

Imagine being in jail for twenty years for a crime you didn’t commit! That is the story of Franky Carrillo. He tells Fr. Mike how this happened in 1991 as he was accused of killing a 43 year old husband and father in a drive-by murder. One witness identified him and later five others corroborated this . There was no other evidence. In the first jury trial, there was a hung jury – seven for Not Guilty and five for Guilty. Then in the second trial, he was convicted and sentenced to 30 years to life. Franky’s story is amazing. First in juvenile hall and later in adult prison, he just emotionally shut down. But volunteers and priests, especially Fr. Greg Boyle, gave him hope and wisdom.Then one day, a woman for whom he had worked, happened to meet a lawyer and that law firm took on his case, which eventually led to his release from prison .Franky has always been inspired by the story of Joseph of the multi-colored cloak in the Old Testament. It is easy to see how Franky would relate well to Joseph’s story