9/11 Everyday with Frank Panico

We live in a world where abortion is accepted. What can we do to bear witness to the honesty and truth of the Church’s position on abortion?

In this interview by Fr. Mike, Frank Panico, a movie director and producer, relates the astounding statistics of 3,000 babies killed every day in America. The 9/11 incident of that one day recorded 3,000 killed. They discuss the reasons and arguments often given for abortion…it is my body, my choice, it interferes with my life, etc.
When discussing the cases due to rape and incest, Frank states that this in only  1% of the abortion cases.
Within the show, there is a testimony of a woman who had an abortion and then several years later had a miscarriage around the same time of year. She talks about the psychological effect she experienced.
Fr. Mike and Frank then talk about the wider issue of life with respect to the death penalty, war, and euthanasia.