8 Strike Chaplain

Imagine being in prison for several years, getting out and then being asked to come back and be a chaplain! That is the story of Ed Welsh who now serves as Chaplain Liaison for the LA downtown jails with over 18,000 inmates.
In this interview with Fr. Mike, Ed tells the story of his life – an abusive, alcoholic father, a mother who died in a car accident when he was young, and a life in and out of prison. At age 22, he ended up in San Quentin in the 1970’s when the violent jail gangs were at their worst. It was only at age 31 that his life began turning around. This was due to people who cared for and loved him. He held a job in the aerospace industry for over 16 years. Now he serves those in prison. Quite a turnabout! He now knows that God is a God of mercy and grace and is able to convey that to others who are reluctant to believe