Reclaiming Social Justice – Dr. Matthew Petrusek, PhD

Reasons to Believe continues with Dr. Matthew Petrusek with his latest episode on Reclaiming Social Justice.

The language of social justice needs to be clarified. Dr. Matthew will clarify the ambiguity of the meaning of social justice by looking at how diversity and inclusion of people and groups impact justice through unjust and just responses and actions.

Dr. Matthew will then offer a clear comparison of social justice in a post-modern context between the Catholic Church and the secular world looking at the following:

  1. Social Justice Purpose and Final Goal
  2. The Concept of Moral Knowledge
  3. The Anthropology (human natures view)
  4. The Mode of Implementation
  5. The Vision of Perfection

Dr. Matthew offers easy to understand examples of how our identity can be confused by the opinions formed through various groups in society; so we welcome you to take some time today to learn more about “social justice and how it is a gift of the Catholic Church to the world”.

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