Wordnet Studio

Wordnet Productions possesses a state of the art video studio. The studio measures 40′ by 20′ and is totally sound proofed and equipped with professional lighting and sound and online camera operations.

The studio has three Betacam SP cameras with CCU control units for studio functions and a professional switcher (Echolab).

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Production Studio

Available Production Activities:

  • Studio taping with online editing (three cameras of Betacam SP, professional lights and sound and the provision to create any kind of set)
  • On location taping (two Betacam SP cameras and one Sony PD150)
  • Editing Suites: Avid Adrenaline Media Composer and Discreet Edit
  • Conversion from Betacam to U-matic or VHS
  • Conversion from Betacam, U-matic and VHS to DVD
  • DVD authoring, mastering and copying
  • Non-linear audtio recording, mixing and CD mastering with Digi-Design Pro-Tools
  • Conversion of audio cassettes to CD

Studio Rental

On site options:

  • One-day – Studio space only (10hrs)
  • Package for a week (4 days shooting, one day load in a half day tear down)
  • One day (10 hrs) with cameras, lights and control room
  • Package for a week with cameras, lights and control room (4 days shooting, one day load in and half day tear down)
  • One day (10 hrs) with cameras, lights, control room and
    Wordnet crew

Load in day and tear down
Editing Bay one day (10 hrs)
Editing Bay one day (10 hrs) with Wordnet editor

Off site options:

  • One day – 2 cameras with all accessories and switcher
  • One day – Single camera work with all accessories by Wordnet crew

Documentary Production:

  • 1-5 minutes duration
  • 1-15 minutes duration

All rates are negotiable. All charges include electricity.

Click here for studio service rate details, or contact us directly at:

Wordnet Productions 532 North D St. San Bernardino, CA 92401
Phone 909-383-4333     Fax 909 383 4347     Email mail@wordnet.tv