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  • Rejoice Always $3.00

    Rejoice Always

    We like the word “joy”…We want it in our hearts…In a world of vengeance, competition, failure, divorce, insecurity, we want that deep down joy… In our attempt to understand joy, let’s first review what joy is not! Each of these activities is done with a goal of getting joy, of being happy. Unfortunately they prove to be illusio…

    To order the Spanish version $3.00

  • Healing $3.00


    None of us wants to be sick. Health is precious. Health means freedom…Health means fullness of life…Sickness on the other hand means restriction…We don’t have freedom…And so we give a great deal of energy to avoiding sickness.

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  • Rejoice Always $3.00

    Jesus Calls Us to Change

    We have an interesting relationship with change. On the one hand, we’re attracted to it. We find people who change exciting… But we also have a deep desire to avoid change…We can see change might be good but down deep we might even resist change to the point of persecuting those who want us to change…

  • Healing $3.00

    Come, Creator Spirit!

    I was introduced to the prayer, “Come, Creator Spirit,” Veni, Creator Spiritus in the original Latin, when I was but 14 years old in the seminary, sometimes in English, sometimes in Latin…I invite you to join me in using this ancient prayer each day. I promise that you will experience its wonderfully inspiring and comforting benefits!

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  • Why Do Catholics Leave the Church? $3.00

    Why Do Catholics Leave the Church?

    Many are the reasons given from hurt feelings, misunderstandings, lack of information or simple ignorance. Whatever the reason, the Catholic Church and ALL its members must wrestle with these issues or else watch more people leave the fold.

  • Pocket Prayers $3.00

    Pocket Prayers

    How about a selection of prayers for daily occasions that don’t require a lot of space? This small prayer book starts with the traditional Catholic Prayers and goes on to include specific prayers for specific situations in our life. It is small enough for purse or back pocket and makes a great companion in one’s daily life.

    To order the Spanish version $3.00

  • Influence of the Media $3.00

    Influence of the Media

    Be in the world but not of it (John 15:19) might be said to characterize this helpful guide to media use. How to get the good yet strain out the evil? There is a way.

  • Catholics and the Bible $3.00

    Catholics and the Bible

    Not just a lament about former centuries of non-bible-use by Catholics; rather, mostly a guide to get started and seriously learn God’s loving, healing word.

  • Forgiveness $3.00


    Peter asked Jesus about forgiveness and how many times to forgive. Seven times? “No,” Jesus said; “Seventy times!” Well, that’s a call far beyond what most of us could ever dream of doing. Jesus’ standard is overwhelmingly difficult. It’s downright otherworldly. How can we forgive those who have wronged us?

  • Anna's Special Christmas $7.00

    Anna’s Special Christmas

    The perfect gift for your children or grandchildren!
    Written by Fr. Mike Manning, SVD Illustrated by France White, SHCJ It is the story of the little girl Anna who is filled with Christmas Joy and wants to birth Christ in everyone. A special Christmas book dedicated to all the very special children who long to help Baby Jesus come to birth each and every day.

    To order the Spanish version $7.00

  • Perfect for Lent! $15.00

    Pardon My Lenten Smile

    Daily Lenten reflections
    by Fr. Mike Manning

    Over 30 years ago, I wrote a book entitled Pardon My Lenten Smile. The book sold well. Through the years several people have told me how they still read the book each Lent. And they inevitably ask, “Why don’t you write another Lenten Smile?”

    Well, here it is…finally! I hope the book blesses you. I’ve written it with great love for Jesus and for you. If your reading helps you to love Jesus more, you’ll give me a big Lenten smile!
    – Fr. Mike

  • Fifteen Faces of God $20.00

    Fifteen Faces of God

    There are times in our lives, and especially in the life of our country, when we are all enduring unusual stress. This book gives us reason to hope. Michael Manning is a gifted writer and has the gentle ability to reach into the human heart, especially the hurting heart, and bring comfort and healing and hope, a hope that comes from the reality that God is nearby, and that in spite of what some cynics may say, he does enter into our lives and delicately arranges things so we find ourselves on a peaceful, sunny shore, far from the troubled waters where we were sure we would drown. Fr. Joseph F. Girzone

    Fifteen Faces of God is an in depth study of the parables of Jesus relating to us the face of his Father.

  • Healing $10.00

    5 Seconds a Day to a Successful Marriage

    This book is for:

    ♦ Couples who are madly in love but want more
    ♦ Couples whose marriage is stagnant, needing more passion and joy
    ♦ Couples whose marriage seems irretrievably broken.

    n our fast and distracting world, this solution is short but challenging. The question is: How serious are you about (making) helping your marriage grow or even survive?
    Also available in Spanish.

  • Healing Wounded Emotions $12.95

    Healing Wounded Emotions

    You will find advice in this book to help you live more freely, more fully. You will discover within yourself a vast and untapped reservoir of spiritual and emotional well-being.
    (Available in English AND Spanish.)

  • Called to Love 2 Disk Set $27.00

    Called to Love 2 Disk Set

    Disk One: Sandra Schneiders, IHM, Professor at Berkeley Graduate Theological Union, offers historical and theological perspectives on the vow of Consecrated Celibacy.

    Disk Two: A dozen Women Religious from different orders living the vow of Consecrated Celibacy share their experiences, including the joys and challenges.

  • Parenting Vocation $10.00

    Parenting Vocation

    For the parent whose child is considering Religious Life or Priesthood, or has already entered, this DVD is a great resource.

    Parents of children making the commitment candidly share their questions, concerns, struggles and blessings.

    Parents get the support they need so they can be the support their children need.

  • Jesus Calls Women $8.00

    Jesus Calls Women

    These are real life stories of women who reflect cultural diversity and have chosen to respond to the call to the consecrated life as a sister today. It is a contemporary and reflective resource and can be used in a variety of ways and settings. (in English AND Spanish.)

  • Parables of Jesus $18.00

    Parables of Jesus

    Parables of Jesus: Introduction, Day of Judgment, Ten Bridesmaids, Forgiven Sinner Woman, Lazarus and the Rich Man, Talents, Strategic Planning, Hidden Treasure, Dishonest Servant, Unforgiving Servant, Laborers, Sower, Tax Collector, Widow.
    Parables are dramatized for effective learning!

  • Titans of the Bible $12.00

    Titans of the Bible

    Titans of the Bible: Absalom, Amos, Caleb, David, Deborah, Elisha, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeroboam, Judith, Jacob, Jeremiah, Naomi, Samson, Samuel, Malachi, Hagar, Susanna, Tobit, Hosea, Joseph.

    Produced by Wordnet Productions with Fr. Mike Manning, SVD
    To buy both only for $ 25.00 S/H incl.

  • The Cow, The Wolf and Lupe $12.00

    The Cow, The Wolf and Lupe

    The perfect gift for your children or grandchildren!
    Written by Fr. Mike Manning, SVD
    Illustrated by Marie Barna

    Nothing is more delightful than watching a little child entranced by the Christmas manger scene. In The Cow, the Wolf and Lupe, Fr. Mike gives a child’s insight into the birth of Jesus through the story as told by eyewitnesses: the wolf, the cow and Lupe.

    Sometimes we need a new perspective to look anew at familiar mysteries. This book helps to do just that.

    PRICE: $ 8 or $10 with DVD of show with puppets

  • Shout Praise $20.00

    Shout Praise

    Shout Praise presents Grayson Brown in an uplifting musical event hosted by Fr. Mike Manning with guest performance by Vocalist ValLimar Jansen and pianist Aaron Diehl. A great DVD for anyone drawn to the power of gospel music.

  • The Exodus Experience: A Healing Journey for the Divorced, Separated and Widowed $10.95

    The Exodus Experience: A Healing Journey for the Divorced, Separated and Widowed

    The Exodus Experience provides a healing journey for the divorced, separated and widowed. Father notes that divorce is not just an emotional tragedy but also a financial disaster. We must know that the Lord will hear me and deliver me. “Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord.” We must realize that the divorce experience takes a good four to five years for healing. Allow Father Marty to help you walk through all five stages from divorce to healing. (66 minutes)

  • Parenting With Power $10.95

    Parenting With Power

    Parenting with Power discusses the need for parents who can truly guide their children to become self-reliant adults, but today’s families are in trouble! 50% of marriages end in divorce! Many times the major influence on children is from outside the home—music—friends—the Internet, etc. Listen to Father Martin as he explains the five major areas of successful parenting. (79 minutes).



    Father Martin pleads with the listener to seek out help to resolve personal, emotional and spiritual conflicts. He stresses the notion of integrating our emotions into a healthy religious life. No one is exempt from faults, weaknesses and unresolved conflicts. All can benefit from the challenges that he lays down. 1 CD, 74 minutes.

  • Called to Love 2 Disk Set $ 15.00

    Handcrafted Crucifix

    We would like to give you a special gift for your gift of $15 or more, a Handcrafted Crucifix by Deacon Jim Weber with ultimate care and love. Made of a single piece of wire it is exquisite in its detail and beauty. Price: $ 15.00 S&H included.