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Parables of Jesus
It is a DVD collection of 14 Parables of Jesus explained by Fr. Mike Manning, SVD. Some of the them are dramatized for effective learning!
Introduction, Day of Judgment, Ten Bridesmaids, Forgiven Sinner Woman, Lazarus and the Rich Man, Talents, Strategic Planning, Hidden Treasure, Dishonest Servant, Unforgiving Servant, Laborers, Sower, Tax Collector, Widow.

Titans of the Bible
It is a DVD collection of 21 great personalities of the Bible explained by Fr. Mike Manning, SVD.
Absalom, Amos, Caleb, David, Deborah, Elisha, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeroboam, Judith, Jacob, Jeremiah, Naomi, Samson, Samuel, Malachi, Hagar, Susanna, Tobit, Hosea, Joseph.

These DVD Collections are good for class room, prayer groups and also for personal study. You can get them by visiting the gift shop or call or email us.

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