Catholic Insights 5

Posted at 11 October, at 21 : 53 PM Print

In this fifth part of the series entitled Catholic Insights, Fr. Mike dialogs with Dr. Ruth Tanyi about the role of the Pope and authority in the Catholic Church.
They discuss how controversial issues, such as abortion, euthanasia, divorce, the death penalty, can be decided. It is important to have each person discern with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but sometimes we need more. Teachers who study the Scriptures more deeply can help. The Pope consults with experts and Cardinals before he speaks out on an issue.
Fr. Mike also talks about the origin of the office of the Pope and the role of tradition.
You won’t want to miss Catholic Insights 5 on TCT Oct.13 at 6:30 a.m. PT, onYouTube (Wordnet Productions); on Direc TV 377; Diocesan Networks of Dubuque, Fresno, Rockville Centre, and Yonkers; Channel 17 Access San Bernardino (Sunday 5 pm PT); and ESNE (Saturday 10:30 am PT).


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