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Our Mission

Embracing the transforming power of the Gospel, we communicate the Word of God to all people through media in the spirit of the Society of the Divine Word.

About Us

Wordnet is a Catholic television ministry dedicated to bringing God’s Word to all. We strive to reach a common ground with people of all faiths while reflecting Christ’s commitment to the poor.

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The ministry, a non-profit corporation, was founded by Father Michael Manning, SVD, in 1978. He is a member of the Society of the Divine Word, an international missionary community with 6,000 members serving in 55 countries. The community is dedicated to preaching Jesus among the poor. Wordnet reflects this vision by regularly telling the story of God working through all people and the struggles of the poor.

Wordnet has produced well over 1,000 programs. They represent a rich diversity of subjects including: Biblical spirituality, Church teaching, and social justice. Father Manning investigates these themes through teachings and interviews with people of faith.

Wordnet’s programs are available each week in over a million households through broadcast, cable and satellite systems. Programs are taped and edited in the ministry’s studio in San Bernardino, California.

Our programs are available in over 200 million households around the world through delivery by broadcast, cable, satellite, and internet, as well as by direct video purchase. Click here to see our most updated Cable Distribution Schedule.

Interfaith Dialog
Wordnet implements the Church’s mandate of interfaith dialog by building bridges of hospitality and understanding through collaborative media production. To this end, Wordnet Productions studio offers a convenient and conducive platform for such activity. Father Mike is frequently sought by the public media to be a panelist on interfaith topics.

Diocesan Cooperation
The facilities of Wordnet Productions are available for utilization by local dioceses to encourage increasing use of the media by the Catholic Church for evangelization and catechesis, particularly among the diverse population of Southern California.

The Future
Wordnet plans to expand Father Manning’s programs, begin webcasting soon, and even explore commercial sponsorship. In addition it will offer its facilities and staff to work with Latinos, African Americans, Vietnamese, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Indonesians and others in the production of their programs.

Your Part
From the beginning, Wordnet has sustained its ministry through the prayers and contributions of benefactors. Join us to bring Christ’s love, reconciliation and life to millions of people through television.

Board of Directors

Patrick O’Reilly, Chair
Fr. Mike Manning, SVD
Gerald (Jerry) Colapinto
Fr. Soney Sebastian.SVD
Fr. Jon Kirby, SVD
Fr. Pavol Sochulak, SVD

Galo Medina



  • Father Mike Manning

    Fr. Mike Manning, SVD, is a Catholic priest whose unique ministry is television. In 1978 he began his nationally syndicated weekly program with the goal of presenting Catholic perspectives on life’s issues, mending bridges between denominations and religions, championing the causes of the poor and disenfranchised, interviewing both celebrities and little known people whose faith and life are inspiring, and offering fresh and exciting insights regarding the Bible. Presently he is seen nationally on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) at 8:30 Pacific Time on Wednesday mornings, as well as on various Catholic networks.

  • Father Soney

    Soney Sebastian, SVD, is the Director of Production. He is a Divine Word Missionary Priest with a wide range of experience in media and production. He manages all production and syndication of the programs for distribution to various satellite and diocesan networks. He also supervises the operation and maintenance of Wordnet studios and editing suites.

  • Sister Jeanne

    Jeanne Harris, OP, is the Communication Specialist of Wordnet Productions. A member of the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, Sr. Jeanne is in charge of the direct mail, grants, and written correspondence.

  • Brother Steve

    Steven Pardy, SVD, is the Director of Development. A Divine Word Missionary Brother with a wide range of experience in financial coordination and fund raising, has also served in Rome, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the UK. He stays in contact with special benefactors, organizes the tours, and markets our program and other studio usage.

  • Father Biju

    Biju Thomas, SVD, is the Associate Director of Production. He comes with a wide range of experience in media and communication. He manages the production and post production of all the programs and the organization of its distribution to the networks and the internet. He also manages the social media activities of Wordnet.

  • Dolores

    Dolores Ongkingco is the Director of Finance. She comes with much experience and many qualifications. She is in charge of the budget, audit, and all things financial. Dolores began with Wordnet in July 2009.

  • Joann

    Joann Martinez is the Data Manager tracking the names and donations received from television contacts and direct mailings. She compiles the statistics for analysis by the other departments. Wordnet sends six letters of appeal a year to donors, who generously support the daily functioning of the ministry.

  • Sister Pat

    Patricia Phillips, SHCJ is the Executive Director of Wordnet. A religious sister belonging to the order of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, she has a great knowledge and experience in organizational, leadership and management skills. She oversees the staff and management of the ministry. Working closely with the Board of Directors she plans new strategies to get the message of Wordnet out to more and more people.

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